Exemption Letters

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Regulations (MEES) apply to all privately rented properties in England and Wales which are legally required to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Exemptions must be registered to the Private Rented Sector (PRS) by the landlord before it can be relied on.

‘You don’t need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) if you can demonstrate that the building is any of these:’

  • listed or officially protected and the minimum energy performance requirements would unacceptably alter it
  • a temporary building only going to be used for 2 years or less
  • used as a place of worship or for other religious activities
  • an industrial site, workshop or non-residential agricultural building that doesn’t use much energy
  • a detached building with a total floor space under 50 square metres
  • due to be demolished by the seller or landlord and they have all the relevant planning and conservation consents

We are registered and qualified to provide exemption letters.

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Coronavirus Statement

We are closely monitoring the situation regarding Coronavirus and are strictly following advice from the government and the World Health Organisation. This is to ensure the safety of our clients, surveying staff and the general public. We are presently no longer carrying out inspections where properties are occupied and are now operating on a skeleton staff. Please do still contact us for your surveying needs and we will offer you the best advice given the continually changing circumstances.

Above all else, please stay safe.