The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) introduced the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) for private rented properties in 2016. The standard set out key milestones for landlords to make energy efficiency improvements to their properties’. 

‘The next milestone takes effect from 1st April 2020 where landlords must not continue to let a relevant domestic property which is already let, if that property has an EPC rating of Band F or G (unless an exemption applies)’.   

The Benefits of Energy Efficiency

F & G properties waste energy and results in unnecessary costs to tenants. Poorly rated dwellings also contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. Upgrading the property can therefore benefit the landlord, the tenant and the environments in the following ways:

  • Managing tenants energy costs helps to reduce fuel poverty
  • Can improve the condition of the property and reduce maintenance costs
  • Provides energy efficient homes
  • Smooth seasonal peaks in energy demand for gas and electricity supplies and therefore increase energy security
  • Greenhouse gas emission will be reduced

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Reference taken from the Elmhurst Energy technical bulletin.  

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