It has been a year since Alix started with the company. When asked how the first year has gone since her relocation from South East England, she replied:

“Well it has certainly gone quick! It’s not a straightforward task to move your family from a built-up area to the stunning rolling hills of the West Wales Coast – for example, the boys are enrolled in the local Welsh speaking school which I’m happy to say they have embraced. I on the other hand am finding it a little harder to pick up the Welsh… the CD in the car only goes some way – but it has helped me at least to understand and hopefully be able to pronounce the Welsh street and town names a bit better than when I arrived last September….

Joking aside, from a surveying point of view it has been interesting making the move – the housing stock is quite different here to the red bricked streets I have grown up with. Certainly, there is never a dull day in the world of Nigel Stone Surveyors!”

Congratulations Alix on your first year!

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